NGO “Proactive Generation”

Founded in 2016, is a voluntary association of individuals, created to protect the rights and freedoms, public, including social, cultural, informational, creative interests.

About Us.

The organization is non-profit.
During the existence of the NGO “Initiative Generation”, with the support of state executive bodies and international organizations, implemented a number of projects in the field of youth involvement in art, promotion of Ukrainian culture, protection of cultural heritage, and exhibition activities. A number of international, all-Ukrainian, regional art festivals and competitions, cultural and artistic projects, concerts, auctions, and exhibitions were held.
Due to the aggression of the Russian Federation, the invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the organization’s activities were instantly reoriented, all available resources, restaurants that prepare for free for people in bomb shelters, and representatives of territorial defense, as well as to help the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Food is needed

military biscuits, canned meat and fish, assorted cereals, pasta, flour, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc.

Hygienic products

razors, shaving and aftershave gels, shampoo, soap, dishwashing liquid, etc.

Medicines are needed

tourniquets, hemostatic in ampoules, hemostatic bandages, analgesics in ampoules, antihypertensive drugs, etc.

Children's group of goods

mixes, porridges, candies, chocolate

The large number of internally displaced persons is growing every day

they are forced to flee and urgently leave their homes or places of residence, evacuate and find safer places

without the possibility of further survival on their own, so our team receives more requests for help.

Every day, our team provides humanitarian assistance to more than a thousand civilians and the military.

Accordingly, the stable and systematic functioning of volunteer staff requires strategic partners,

who are ready to help and work in such difficult circumstances side by side.

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